Massachusetts Police Officer Saves Choking Child

A quick-thinking police officer in Framingham, Massachusetts, saved a 2-month-old baby boy from choking after the infant was brought to the police station by his worried parents on Tuesday, July 19.

Framingham Police Department wrote on Facebook that a couple rushed into the police station on Tuesday afternoon with their small child who was struggling to breathe.

They were met by Officer Ryan Porter, a trained CPR instructor, who assessed the baby.

The department wrote: “Moments later the infant stopped breathing and Officer Porter delivered a series of back blows, which cleared the obstruction and allowed the infant to breathe.”

The baby boy’s mother, Ann Cardoso, told NBC 10 Boston she was thankful for the help provided by Porter. She said both her and her husband were crying, but Porter told them “Relax, relax, no problem”.

Porter, when reunited with the infant and his family on Wednesday, told NBC 10 Boston: “Obviously, it’s great to see him and see he’s doing well, but you don’t know until you get that little bit of closure, so that was fantastic.” Credit: Framingham Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript


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