'Massive' Bear Spotted Cooling Off in Californian Lake

A bear enjoying a cool swim in the waters of Lake McClure, California, was spotted on August 30 by a fishing guide who said he’d never seen one in there before.

Footage recorded by Ryan Cook shows the California bear chilling in the wilderness. “That’s a big bear!” Cook can be heard saying in the video. “We have a bear in the water at Lake McClure. Look at this bear! I’ve never seen one up here before in the water.”

Cook, a full-time fishing guide, told Storyful that he recorded the footage around 9 am, as he and a client were out on the lake.

“I swerved around what I thought was a floating log,” he said. “As I got closer, I realized it was a bear and slowed down, turned around and took the video.”

“I’ve been fishing these lakes my whole life and that is the first time I’ve seen one crossing the lake in the water!”

The video then shows the bear swimming back to the shore. “Oh that’s a big one!” Cook said as the animal came out of the water. “That’s a massive bear!” Credit: Ryan Cook via Storyful

Video transcript

RYAN COOK: That's a big bear. We have a bear in the water at Lake McClure. Look at this bear. I have never seen one up here at Lake McClure in the water. Where are you going, Yogi?

Oh, my goodness. They can move too. Look at that. I think it's a big one. We're going to see here when it gets out.

I don't want to get too close to it. I don't want to spook him too bad. Oh, my goodness. How cool was that? I thought it was a log in the water.

It's going to get out right now on this rock. That is so cool. Right here, we're going to get to see it. It's not that big. It's a good size one though.

He's going to take off to-- oh, that's a big one. Oh, that's a massive bear. You tired-- sorry-- buddy, we ain't going to hurt you. You're good. Oh, that is so cool.

Be gone. Oh, that is awesome.