Massive Funnel Cloud Spotted in Covington, Georgia

A massive funnel cloud was spotted on December 31 in Newton County, Georgia, where the National Weather Service later said storm damage was the result of a tornado.

Photographs and video taken in the area showed damage to commercial properties, as well as the Veterans Memorial Middle School in Covington.

This footage, recorded by Carl Foster, shows a large funnel cloud moving near his home in Covington on Friday. After spotting the cloud, Foster went to nearby Veterans Memorial Middle School, recording damage at the site.

“Just so happened we had stepped out of the house getting ready to go get something to eat there weren’t any warnings no sirens,” Foster told Storyful. “It was really a weird storm because there was no thunder no lightning only thing happened was the wind picked up some and then all of a sudden you see this big rush of clouds come over the neighborhood.” Credit: Carl Foster via Storyful

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