Massive python regurgitates prey after being rescued from well in western India

A massive python regurgitated a civet cat after it was rescued from the bottom of a deep well in western India last month. A team led by Akash Jadhav from the Wildlife Rescue Society travelled to a village near Ahmednagar on August 21 where they found the stricken reptile still unable to climb the steep sides of the water source. The team tried lowering a tyre down to the python hoping it would climb on and allow them to haul it to the surface. After several unsuccessful attempts, they abandoned that strategy but then noticed the animal curling around a motorized pump to rest. The rescuers seized the opportunity to pull the pump, pipe and the exhausted python to the surface. Cornered and afraid the reptile then regurgitated its last meal hoping to make a speedy getaway. The team placed the python in a bag and released it shortly afterward in a nearby forest. “Pythons do not survive for long in the water. They are heavy and tend to drown. I am glad we could rescue it in time,” said Jadhav.

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