Tunisia struggles amid surge in new Covid-19 cases

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After successfully managing the first wave of Covid-19, Tunisia is in its most intense period of crisis since the outbreak of the pandemic. FRANCE 24's Claire Paccalin reports from the nation’s capital.

Scenes in hospitals in Tunis are chaotic, with medical personnel saying they are completely overwhelmed and that there aren’t enough of them to handle the massive number of patients. Faced with shortages of oxygen and other materials, doctors are forced to make wrenching choices about who to treat.

Officials are pinning hopes on the accelerating vaccine campaign, which is still focused on the elderly. FRANCE 24 visits a convention centre in Tunis that has been pressed into use as a vaccination site.

“The only way forward is to vaccinate everyone,” said a doctor working at the site. “It won’t be easy, but we hope to vaccinate 50 to 60 percent of the population.” He said he expected they would be able to reach that level within three months.

That goal may be optimistic, though, as many are still expressing scepticism about getting jabbed.

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