'That Is Massive' - Walrus Emerges From Water in South Wales

A walrus first spotted off the coast of County Kerry in Ireland in mid-March was seen resting on a slipway on March 31 on the coast of Tenby, Wales.

The walrus, affectionately referred to as Wally by many fans and reporters, was first spotted in Wales on rocks near Broad Haven South beach on March 19, according to BBC News.

A joint statement by the RSPCA and multiple marine conservation organizations, published in several reports, has urged sightseers to keep their distance should they come across the walrus.

“We’re asking people to remember he is a wild animal and avoid the temptation to get near to him and disturb him,” the statement reads.

This video shows the walrus emerging from the water in Tenby as onlookers, including some very impressed children, comment on the unusual occurrence. “That is massive,” one of the children can be heard saying at one point. Credit: Paul Cornmell via Storyful