Master of None season 3: Moments in Love is pure cabin porn — by way of London’s ExCel centre

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Is this an invitation to Netflix and chill?

Grab your style notebook, we’re watching Master of None’s third season spin-off, Moments in Love, featuring Lena Waithe and Naomi Ackie.

Wasn’t the whole premise based on thirty-somethings roaming the restaurants of New York?

Just as this instalment somewhat neatly sidesteps the controversy around Ansari since he was put on blast by by shifting the focus to Waithe, the producers worked with Covid-19 restrictions by keeping much of the season as a tight two-hander set against the rustic charms of rural Upstate New York.


Sounds high brow

It’s a queer black love story that wrestles with grown-up friendship, the trials of IVF and the inherent eroticism of sharing a bathtub, filmed in 4:3 aspect ratio — trendy shorthand for alerting the viewer they’re watching some Serious Arty Cinema — and set against a gorgeous backdrop of pure cabin porn.

Cabin porn? Are we talking sexy lumberjack scenarios?

It’s more World of Interiors than Penthouse. The tooth-achingly enviable backdrops are also explained away by making one half of the couple an interior designer/antiques dealer with impeccable taste.


How terribly convenient

We’ll forgive it for the sets featuring logs crackling in charming brick fireplaces, strategically placed blooms in glass bowls, perfectly chintzy wallpaper and a scene-stealing green velvet chaise longue.

Surely this cabin is available to book on Airbnb then? Let’s go the moment they sort out that US travel corridor

You won’t need your passport if you want to visit. The series was actually shot much closer to home in Newham in Excel London. Now a Covid-19 mass-vaccination site, the convention centre served as the set.


That’s some serious movie magic...

A team of Brits mocked up a scale model of a cabin, with quirky ceilings and powder-pink retro bathroom suite. Production designer Amy Williams created astounding detail, down to the stained glass window featuring symbolic cicada at the centre of yonic shapes that sits above the couple’s marriage bed.

Somewhat harder to recreate at home?

We’ll settle for stealing Ackie’s boudoir style with a set of Desmond & Dempsey tailored tiger-print pyjamas.

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