"We matched on Tinder then moved in together two weeks after meeting - now we're married"

Meet the couple who moved in together just two weeks after their first date - and are now married. Magdalena Pietrzyk and Romulo Costa matched on Tinder in April 2022. They then met in person at her home in Glasgow a month later - and he never left. Magdalena, 42, and Romulo, 36, tied the knot in July of this year 15 months after meeting. She said: "It's just a lovely love story. We got on so well from the very start - we've always laughed a lot together. "When we met it felt so easy, and everyone feels comfortable around him. Magdalena, a mum-of-one and property investor, and Romulo, a dad-of-three and actor, met on Tinder. Both went on dates organised through the app previously but failed to meet someone with whom they had a spark. But, when they matched and started messaging, they knew this time it was different. Romulo, from Sao Paolo, Brazil, flew to Scotland from London, where he was staying, to meet Magdalena in May 2022. He spent two weeks there - and realised he didn't want to leave. So the pair moved in together and, a year later in May 2023, he proposed. Romantic Romulo popped the question under the clock at Glasgow Central station - where the couple first met. Magdalena, who has not been married before, said: "When we got engaged it was so romantic - just how it should be. "A man from Marks & Spencer even came out with a bottle of champagne. "It's worked out so well. It's like the universe is telling us to be together." "I wouldn't usually just invite someone to the house, but I had no fear about that. "And the risk goes both ways because he didn't know me either. The whole thing did feel surprising, but not worrying." The couple got married at Hamilton register office on July 31, in front of 30 friends and family. Romulo, who has one previous marriage, said: "Her blonde hair, blue eyes, and Brazilian-style curves just blew my mind. "On the way to meet her for the first time I had butterflies in my tummy - like a teenage love. "When I saw her for the first time under the clock she was wearing a huge jumper and flip-flops. "From then I decided to love her day after day and I'll do that as long as I exist. "I think love is a decision you make every day, not a sudden feeling that overtakes you. "Moving in together so quickly was a wise decision - our minds and souls were already united, so it was just a body union. "I love how she uses her skills to make me a better person and mine her. "I felt so faint just before I proposed to her. I could hear my every heartbeat. "It was such a scary and lovely moment. I wish I could propose to her every other day, but diamond rings are expensive! "I cannot describe my feelings the moment we were married. "I feel so lucky. I see people every day who live their lives without finding love, and I have found it." The couple plan to live in Scotland once Romulo's visa is sorted, with her child. His children will stay in Brazil.