Matt Cardle suggests lack of rehab aftercare to blame for Ant McPartlin's relapse

Matt Cardle speaks out about Ant McPartlin’s struggle. (PA)
Matt Cardle speaks out about Ant McPartlin’s struggle. (PA)

X Factor winner Matt Cardle has suggested that Ant McPartlin’s latest problems could be blamed on a lack of rehab aftercare.

Having recently spoken frankly about his own drug addiction that nearly killed him, Matt, 34, has now said that Ant’s drink-driving arrest and readmission to rehab could have been prevented if he was given the right help from the right people; citing how easy it is to relapse without the required support.

During an interview in the Daily Star, the former X Factor champ – who has been battling his own demons in recent years – offered some insight over what it’s like to exit a rehab clinic and just how daunting it can be, after suffering from drug addiction himself.

‘When you are on the outside you are on your own again. When I came out [of rehab] I was on my own but I was surrounded by the right people,’ he revealed.

Ant has re-entered rehab after being arrested on Sunday. (Getty)
Ant has re-entered rehab after being arrested on Sunday. (Getty)

‘I’m not saying Ant wasn’t, I don’t know what else has been going on in his private life, but if you come out of that process and you’re not on rock solid ground it’s anyone’s guess what happens next.’

In 2017, Ant was admitted to rehab for an addiction to painkillers and, having been addicted to Tramadol himself, Matt was able to relate, saying: ‘I know so many people who are taking prescription drugs. We do have a problem with it.’

Speaking about his own horrors, he revealed how lonely both addiction and recovery can be: ‘I didn’t realise because a lot of it was on my own,’ he said about the times he could’ve easily died.

‘I would wake up in various parts of my flat, in the toilet, in my bedroom, on the bed, off the bed, in the lounge, and it would always be like, “Oh that’s where it ended”.’

After telly stars such as Piers Morgan and Phillip Schofield have spoken out against the star, suggesting he needs to take responsibility for his actions, the former has since claimed that Declan Donnelly, 42, should be able to continue his TV career without his wayward co-host and friend.

‘I think if one of the duo is going through such problems as Ant’s going through for such a sustained period of time, and now he won’t be on TV again this year I suspect, what does Dec do?’

‘I think Dec should carry on with somebody else if necessary,’ he concluded.

Declan Donnelly seen for the first time since Ant’s arrest. (Flynet)
Declan Donnelly seen for the first time since Ant’s arrest. (Flynet)

Dec, who has worked alongside Ant since first appearing in Byker Grove together as kids, is reportedly ‘devastated’ by the events of the past few days, and was seen in public yesterday for the first time since his friend hit the headlines.

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