Matt Damon's Story of Adopting Cat in Costa Rica Has a Magical Ending

On Monday's episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert actor Matt Damon told a story about the cat he adopted the cat 10 years ago during a month-long stay at an Airbnb.

According to Damon, age 53, this cat is the toughest jungle cat and after hearing his explanation why, I'm pretty sure you'll agree.

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Damon explained, “He was living by himself in the jungle.He was the coolest cat. He was hunting. He had two giant holes in his side. He was fighting for his life every night.”

The Damon family were feeding this stray cat while they were staying in Costa Rica and they decided they couldn't just leave him there so they decided to take him home with them to Los Angeles, where they have a backyard. "We decided we gotta take the cat, he's gonna die, now he's relying on us. He moves into our house, we have this little backyard, I thought yeah, he'll be great out there."

Damon then laughed, "He never went outside, ever again."

Typical cat!

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Damon then says, "Cut to the cat ends up with a brain tumor."

Damon explains how they take him to get radiation and he's just the toughest jungle cat.

“I’m not going to let a brain tumor take this cat out,” Damon told Colbert.

Damon then explains that after the family moved to New York the poor cat wasn't doing so well. He had lost a lot of weight and according to Damon, he would only walk around in left circles.

Damon brought the cat to the animal hospital in NYC and a cat neurologist (And Damon cracks up at this point) who he hilariously says is named Chad, who initially prepared the family for the worst, telling him “Look this is important you have to have this conversation with your children, part of being a pet owner part of doing that is giving them the dignity ... this cat doesn’t really have a quality of life anymore.” This is where the story takes a hilarious turn.

What Matt Damon's Cat Neurologist Suggested

Damon agreed and planned to bring the cat back in three weeks if it wasn't doing any better, until Dr. Chad offered a radical suggestion. Damon continued, “Chad said, ‘I could load him up on steroids. And I go, ‘What do you mean?’ He goes, ‘I mean, I could give him like a BUNCH of steroids.’”

Damon asked if there were long term issues with that and the cat neurologist replied, "YEAH! Massive long term issues with that but we can just see what happens.

Damon finished the hysterical tale, “That was two and a half years ago." The audience erupted in applause over this tough as heck cat. " Now he’s jacked, and I joke that he’s like Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

“He’s got muscles on muscles! He looks great.”

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