Matt and Evie's wedding brings Summer Bay together

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Photo credit: Channel 5

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Everyone is thrilled about Matt and Evie's wedding news and pitch in to help out. Evie is concerned that Zac won't make the ceremony and her worst fears are realised when she discovers that his flight has been cancelled. Evie can't get married without him and breaks the news to Matt, who's disappointed but suggests they change the ceremony into a farewell party instead. Just when this is decided, Evie receives a call from Zac, who demands they go ahead with the wedding without him. It's back on!

Later on, Matt and Evie exchange vows and Alf announces them husband and wife. Zac finally arrives home and Evie is thrilled he's there, but Leah is very cold towards him. Zac has brought Evie her parents' wedding rings, as he'd been saving them for her. Zac wants to be honest with Leah about his betrayal, but Matt insists today is all about Evie. Evie and Matt dance together in the garden under the twinkling fairy lights.

After the wedding reception, Zac and Leah talk and acknowledge they still love each other. Then Zac confesses all – he slept with Sam.

Meanwhile, John has found a place for he and Marilyn to move to in the city, but Marilyn is hiding her reluctance. Soon afterwards, Alf has a go at John about making Marilyn move to the city. John argues she's behind the idea, but Alf argues she's only doing it out of duty. After seeing Marilyn looking so happy with her friends at the wedding, John tells her he can't make her leave the Bay.

Photo credit: Channel 5
Photo credit: Channel 5

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