Matt Hancock says 'healthy' people without coronavirus symptoms must also isolate if tracked

JOE MURPHY, NIcholas Cecil
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    Len G
    How do you or they know If I am healthy or NOT ? For my GP's practice has closed their doors to people unless with certain symptoms, and has already said if having cancer etc. SORRY NHS can't or won't help. I was in midst of Journey in March to see GP for a fuller medical review for an enduring problem 5 minutes to waling into surgery told apt cancelled. NO notice information what to do IF they were interested or with what. same applies today with telephone and NO physical contact.
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    Fine, but if you expect people who, in all probability, aren't infected to isolate for two weeks, then the government MUST guarantee they will receive their FULL salary during that period, not just statutory sick pay. Just think, if you travel on busy public transport, you could easily be off your isolation for less than a week, then get told to do it again, and again, and again. For people who can work from home, it's probably manageable, but if you can't, your livelihood could be decimated several times over.
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    The day I received a letter from Public Health England telling me that I should "shield" even though I have NOTHING wrong with me I decided that they can all feck off . My personal health records were harvested from my local hospital complete with my phone number without my knowledge or permission , since then I have gone out whenever I feel like it & will continue to do so , my parents & grandparents fought in two world wars so we could be free , they must be spinning in their graves .
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    Why start now, the damage is done. We should have closed our borders and airports to unnecessary travel, and been screening from mid-February. Just when people are hoping to take a late summer/early autumn holiday, they put this on us!
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    Anyone else confused after reading all that ? If you have been in contact with someone who has symptoms, how would you know if that person has symptoms or not if the person doesn't feel ill ?
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    And people thought the NWO tracking/vaccination agenda we were constantly told about was a conspIracy "theory," for people in tinfoil hats. Well, think again.
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    Next it will be "everyone should wear a tag".

    They've already been keeping tabs on our lockdown purchases and now there's an app for them to know where we are at all times.
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    He’s spending £300 million on an army of busy bodies to snoop on the public. The future for this once great country is looking bleak.
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    I will never install any app that tracks and traces my every move, it's bad enough already with GPS, but to actually put your name to a scheme that will probably be emmbeded permantly in the software ready to be sold on to the likes of amazon, so that they can have even more of our privacy on tap, as for the phone calls, I never answer numbers I don't know anyway, I shall leave my vpn on with location override and appear to reside in chille or wherever for a few months
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    Who is going to download this app when if one person tests positive and all their close contacts are ordered to self isoloate for 14 days. Let's say that the infected person had 20 close contacts and that every one of those contacts had a further 20 contacts and the contact tracers managed to contact every one every three hours. In three hours there would be 400 isolaters, in 6 hours there would be 8000 isolaters. After 9 hours = 160,000 isolaters. After 12 hours = 3.2 million isolaters and after 15 hours there would be 64 million isolaters in a worst case scenario. In reality it wouldn't be like that but the maths is scary if i'm correct.