Matt Willis Has A Brilliant Idea For What He’d Like To Call His Third Child

Matt Willis has revealed an idea for a name for his and Emma Willis’ third child - and it’s probably not what you’d expect.

Matt and Emma in 2015. Copyright [Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment]

The couple are already parents to daughter Isabelle and son Ace, but it seems Matt has a more unusual idea for his third born, who is due in May, and a pretty ‘cool’ idea at that.

Revealing his ideas, the Busted star told the MailOnline: “I think if it’s a boy we should call it ‘Dude’ but Emma wasn’t into that.”

“I just think it sounds so cool to be like ‘Hey, what’s your name?’, ‘It’s Dude’. I don’t think Emma will go for that though sadly.”

Emma and Matt in 2015. Copyright [Tim McLees/]

Matt has got some other ideas too, though one seems to have been ruled out thanks to one of his Busted bandmates.

He explained: “I’ve genuinely thought about ‘James’. I really like the name. I was a hundred per cent set on that and Emma actually really loved that name too, but I think James Bourne would get too much of a big head,” to which James joked back that he’d ‘feel pressured’ to name his child after Matt to return the favour.

Matt continued: “We’ve got a couple of names in mind, but we haven’t even told my mum yet - I like the surprise. If it’s a boy we could call it Boris or Charlie.

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“I can’t wait for the baby. Emma is due on the fourth of May and we go on tour on May 11, so we’re cutting it pretty fine, but it will be fine. I’m really stoked about it, I can’t wait.

“Emma has the Voice final on Saturday so if she wants she can have the baby any time after that. We’re feeling prepared!”