Matthew Wright divides This Morning viewers after questioning extent of Platinum Jubilee celebrations

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Matthew Wright divided This Morning viewers after questioning the extent of the Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations.

The broadcaster appeared on the ITV series on Friday (3 June) to discuss the four days of lavish events taking place to honour Queen Elizabeth II’s 70 years on the throne.

Wright didn’t hold back when talking about his true feelings on the subject, acknowlegding the “spectacle” as “wonderful”, but stating it comes “at a time when we are haemorrhaging money as a country” due to the cost of living crisis.

He told hosts Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond: “If you were some kind of celebrity, who’s spending loads, millions, on parties when you’re sort of bankrupt, people would be outraged and [saying] this is a disgrace. But that’s what we’re doing as a nation.”

When O’Leary asked Wright what he “thinks we should be doing”, he replied: “I think it could all be scaled down just a bit.”

Hammond defended the celebrations, stating: “If this is the end of an era, surely we should be making a big deal of things? If this is the last time where this is ever going to happen. So yeah, let’s see – enjoy it.”

Wright, who called the Queen an “extraordinary human”, divided viewers with his comments, with one praising him by saying: “Good for you. Not everyone in this country is subservient to that family.”

Matthew Wright shared his opinion on the platinum jubilee celebrations on ‘This Morning’ (ITV)
Matthew Wright shared his opinion on the platinum jubilee celebrations on ‘This Morning’ (ITV)

Another supporter added: “Well said Matthew. I’m with you 100 per cent.”

However, there were those who disagreed with Wright’s comments, with one telling him to “bore off” if he doesn’t “want to celebrate the Queen’s incredible service” as it “will probably never happen again”.

Another asked the show to “stop Matthew Wright from speaking”.

The platinum jubilee celebrations, which includes a high-profile concert featuring many stars, will conclude Sunday (4 June).

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