Max Irons: I hope Me Too results in systemic change

Max Irons has said he hopes the Me Too movement will result in systemic change in how women are treated.

The actor, 32, said he worried the current climate of women feeling they can come forward with testimonies of sexual harassment might not translate into “actual legislation”.

Irons, who starred as Miles in the 2014 film The Riot Club, also warned that a politically divided public could make meaningful change difficult.

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He told the Press Association: “I worry slightly that our news cycle is very short and I hope that this feeling of positivity and this feeling that the ground is being broken in terms of transparency and openness, and a sense of safety that a woman can come forward with an experience and feel safe in doing so, I hope that that translates into actual legislation, actual systemic change.

“That’s my only concern because it seems at times like our attention span, from one issue to the next is so fast. The intensity of our reaction is so fast, and also we are very divided.

“So there are a few factors which are against meaningful change, which is unfortunate. So I hope, I hope, Me Too and Time’s Up make inroads into that, in spite of the fact.”

Irons starred alongside Helen Mirren in the 2015 film The Women In Gold, which was produced by Harvey Weinstein.

Weinstein was one of Hollywood’s most powerful producers before dozens of women – including many high-profile actresses – came forward to allege he had sexually assaulted them, with accusations ranging from inappropriate touching to rape.

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Max Irons stars as a CIA analyst in Condor (Ian West/PA Wire)

His downfall led to the rise in prominence of the Me Too movement as well as to a wider debate about the treatment of women.

Weinstein, who denies these allegations, now faces rape charges in New York.

Irons, who was born in London, stars as idealistic CIA analyst Joe Turner in the American television series Condor, which was renewed for a second series in July this year.

In the series, based on the 1974 novel Six Days Of The Condor, Turner discovers a secret that leads to his entire office being killed and is forced to go on the run.

Season two of Condor starts on the Universal Channel on October 29.