May Booed Outside Community Centre in Bristol, Accused of Hiding From Voters

Local residents booed and jeered as Prime Minister Theresa May was driven out of the Hungerford Community Centre and Social Club in Brislington, Bristol, on May 2, after she held a small election campaign event inside.

According to local resident Geraint Evans, who shot this video, residents were not aware of the event, and “only one person at the community center knew of the visit.” Evans continued to say that “the event itself was by invitation only and you needed ID and an invite to get in. No members, local residents or regulars at the Community Center (or social club on the top floor of the building) were allowed to attend.”

The Bristol Post reported that “only selected supporters and other Conservative politicians – including Bristol North West MP Charlotte Leslie – were allowed into the hall.”

In a Facebook group for local residents, Conservative Party Councillor Tony Carey branded the protesters ‘idiots.’ In response to an accusation that the event was filled with a “handful of toffs,” and that the prime minister had avoided local residents, Carey wrote that there were “there were plenty of working class people there in their paint-splattered overalls,” as well as “working class but retired folk.” The post under which Carey commented has since been removed. Credit: Geraint Evans via Storyful