Maya Jama opens up on Stormzy's 'cute' support during Love Island filming

Love Island's Maya Jama has described her boyfriend Stormzy as "cute and encouraging".

It comes after he joined her at last year's final and pledged to regularly fly out to Spain to be with her during this series. The pair reignited their romance last year following a split in 2019.

During an interview about rekindling relationships with exes, Maya connected with the winners of last year's All Stars, pointing out Stormzy in the audience.

"I like to relate to them but there's a level, you can't be like 'yeah anyway I had this experience' you have to remember you're the host," Maya explained.

She added: "It's nice if you can relate to them on a specific situation just to make them feel a bit more like we're all in it. I'm a similar age to them too, so I understand. We've all been through some experiences like that, so I feel like we have a bond."

In February, Maya posted Stormzy's praises for her outfit for an episode, describing it as "world class" and "sexy and classy simultaneously".

"He's cute with his words of encouragement," she commented, reports the Mirror.

The host is returning to her duties ( Image: ITV) -Credit:ITV
The host is returning to her duties ( Image: ITV) -Credit:ITV

Maya confessed that she doesn't always show him her looks before filming.

However, she recalled from the last series: "He came out during South Africa so he was so excited to see everything. I've been watching since series one and he got brought along halfway through."

Maya, gracing the cover of Vogue and having recently chatted with King Charles about Love Island ("He enjoyed it! He had a laugh, he had a giggle," she reveals), maintains her grounded attitude.

"Do I still shop in Primark? I shop wherever I wanna shop! If you want pants, socks, whatever, I'll go on the high Street definitely. I don't feel like you should be ever too good to shop anywhere, put it that way."

As her 30th birthday approaches in August, the TV host is not intimidated by the milestone but feels the weight of expectation for her celebration. "It's pressure," she confesses.

"When you've been doing parties every year for your birthday it kind of feels like when you're 30 it needs to be the biggest ever."

She's contemplating a change of pace for her birthday bash, considering something low-key like a boat ride and yoga, yet doubts she'll forgo a grand party.

"It makes me feel like I should do the opposite and go on a little boat ride and do some yoga. But I doubt it. I literally have not planned it yet but I do feel pressure cos it's meant to be the really big one. I'm excited about it, I'm not scared about turning 30."

Renowned for her striking Love Island entrances, Maya credits her stylist Rhea for ensuring her looks are perfect. "I have a really good stylist, Rhea, so we do think, is this going to be see-through, how is this going to look when I'm walking, obviously nighttime vibes with spotlights. There is a checklist," she explains.

"I have to actually be able to walk in it because sometimes amazing dresses make you like a mermaid and you can't. So you have to tick all those boxes. I'm quite consistent with my vibes, very beach party daytime looks and then night I love a black sleek dress for dramatic moments. I've got ten outfits currently but we just sense the vibe."

"We do three takes, they do different angles. I don't just get out the car and go 'waaah'. We try this angle and that to get the perfect slow-mo strut. It's also not a normal situation, walking seductively down a runway. My only tip is smize, like squint and smile. You just have to walk and it always comes out alright."

She also advises to "walk like the person you fancy most in the world is watching".

She also chats about being asked to get strangers on to the show. "I have not looked in my public DMs in years because I think I'd be like shocked, scared, whatever else. But sometimes when I'm out I'll have people like 'get me on love island! ' but I'm like, I don't make that choice, sorry, but you look great. I'm here for the drama always. It can't just be smooth sailing.

"You need something to rough it up a bit. Since I've joined, which is only a year actually which is wild. This is my second year but it feels like I've been here for ten. But second time, doing summer and all four seasons I've worked on have been absolutely dramatic."

She further comments on the contestants: "When I get to know them they're like my little babies, I feel protective yeah. I love Aftersun for that cos then I can have a moment with them. But Aftersun is a chance for me to get to know them properly and spend time and form a relationship."

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