Mayor of Symi issues 'no chance' vow in Michael Mosley search update

Michael Mosley seen in Pedi after crossing the coastal route many feared he had run into trouble on
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The mayor of Symi has asserted there's 'no chance' that the search for missing TV doctor, Dr Michael Mosley, will be abandoned until he is found, as the quest enters day four. The 67 year old vanished on Wednesday (June 4) whilst holidaying on the Grecian island.

On Monday morning (June 8), professional emergency responders resumed their search for Dr Mosley at 6 am, probing a 6.5km radius over hilly terrain flanked by ocean, said Manolis Tsimpoukas, a local organiser of searches for lost individuals on the Dodecanese Islands.

When questioned about any potential leads, Mr Tsimpoukas revealed there were "nothing, nothing" and vowed that, if any evidence surfaces, they will locate Dr Mosley within one hour. He stressed that the region was "very dangerous".

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Speaking through a translator, Eleftherios Papakaloudoukas, the mayor of Symi voiced concerns about how anyone could cope with heat exceeding 40C, which was the recorded temperature on the day the television presenter vanished. Due to the extreme weather, a search dog was only able to work for an hour on Saturday morning, he noted.

Mr Papakaloudoukas, who has served as Symi's mayor for over 20 years, described the area where Dr Mosley is believed to have wandered as a hard-to-navigate landscape filled with 'only rocks'. Moreover, it is notorious for being infested with snakes, reports the Manchester Evening News.

Despite all this, Papakaloudoukas holds out hope that Dr Mosley will be discovered 'safe and alive', expressing sorrow from the entire community over the incident, as it had 'never happened before'.

Dr Mosley's four offspring have made their way to Symi, according to the island's mayor on Saturday, and are poised to assist in the search for the missing TV figure. His spouse, Dr Claire Bailey, has been scouring the island with the help of her British friends, added Eleftherios Papakaloudoukas.

Through a translator, he revealed that Dr Bailey had been searching a forested area above Pedi bay. However, it is now believed by search teams that her husband traversed a different, much less dense region on the opposite side of the bay.

It is understood that the last sighting of Dr Mosley was via CCTV at a grey-stoned house next to a harbour on the island. It is possible he walked along a steep uphill concrete road.

At the end of this street, a small rocky path leads into the rocky terrain which is sparsely vegetated with thistles and dry grass.

Dr Mosley vanished on Wednesday afternoon. Fresh CCTV images released last night depicted him on the main road of Pedi at 13.50pm on Wednesday afternoon, approximately 20 minutes after he is believed to have embarked on a coastal hike.

The CCTV footage was disseminated by local site MEGA after being retrieved by police who have been meticulously searching the island of Symi, where the presenter was vacationing with his wife Dr Clare Bailey.

A second image was captured by surveillance cameras outside the Blue Corner Cafe on Pedi Beach. This image reportedly shows Dr Mosley using an umbrella to shield himself from the sun as he walks past.

Dr Mosley is recognised for his frequent appearances on the ITV show and BBC's The One Show. He also hosts Just One Thing on BBC Radio 4.