McDonald’s new summer menu features halloumi fries and a tiramisu McFlurry

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McDonald’s is launching a new summer menu inspired by Italy, Spain, and Cyprus. (Getty Images)
McDonald’s is launching a new summer menu inspired by Italy, Spain, and Cyprus. (Getty Images)

McDonald’s is launching four new burgers plus a new side, McFlurry flavour, and soft drink for the summer.

The new menu items, inspired by Italian, Spanish, and Cypriot foods, will be available for a limited time only–so McDonald’s fans will have to be quick.

Cheese lovers will know that McDonald’s seasonally serves cheesy sides like mozzarella dippers and chilli cheese bites.

But this summer, McDonald’s will be serving up halloumi fries as part of the limited-time menu.

Find out below when you can get your hands on the new McDonald’s summer menu items…

McDonald’s Taste of Italy menu

McDonald’s will launch its Taste of Italy menu—featuring two new burgers, a side, and a new McFlurry flavour—on June 8.

It will only be available for a limited time, ending on July 2, so fast food fans should make the most of the Mediterranean menu before then.

The Italian-inspired menu will feature two new burgers: the Italian Stack burger and the Crispy Chicken Italiano burger.

The Italian Stack burger is made up of two beef patties, mozzarella cheese, crispy onions, crunchy lettuce, tomato sauce, toasted tomato and a cheesy sauce on a warm herb bun.

The Crispy Chicken Italiano burger features a crispy chicken fillet with basil pesto, mozzarella, tomato, red onion and crunchy lettuce on a ciabatta-style bun. Both burgers will cost £5.39.

Alongside the burgers, McDonald’s will also be serving mozzarella dippers (£1.99 for a single portion or £5.39 for a share box) and a tiramisu-flavoured McFlurry (£1.19 for a mini or £1.69 for a regular).

McDonald’s Taste of Spain and Cyprus menu

Later this summer, McDonald’s will serve the Taste of Spain and Cyprus menu from July 27 until September 6.

It will feature yet another two burgers: the Spicy Spanish Stack and the Chicken Fiesta.

The Spicy Spanish Stack features two beef patties on a paprika bun, topped with red onion, crunchy lettuce, chilli cheddar and a spicy tomato sauce. The Chicken Fiesta is similar but instead of two beef patties, it has a crispy chicken fillet. Both burgers will cost £5.39.

McDonald’s will also serve halloumi fries, which will be served as a side alongside the new burgers, and will cost £2.49 for a single portion or £6.49 for a share box.

Additionally, the summer menu will include Spanish Fruit Punch–a berry and citrus-flavoured soft drink (£2.29 for a medium or £2.61 for a large.

McDonald’s items leaving the menu this summer

To make way for the new menu items, McDonald’s fans will have to say goodbye to the Grand Big Mac, McSpicy Chicken Burger, and Flake McFlurry from June 8.

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