McDonald’s trialling triple cheeseburgers across the UK

Sabrina Barr

McDonald’s is selling triple cheeseburgers in select restaurants across the UK as part of a nationwide trial.

The burger, which contains 520 calories, is already sold at the fast food chain in America and Australia.

From today, the three-strong beef patty is being trialled in 60 branches across the country.

If the trial proves successful then the brand plans on rolling it out across the rest of the UK’s branches, of which there are approximately 1,300.

The burger is also being tested in nine McDonald’s branches in Ireland.

The burger costs £2.39, although the price may vary according to the branch at which it is being sold.

The price is based on the cost of a double cheeseburger, which customers can usually buy for £1.69.

When asked by a customer on Twitter whether the triple cheeseburger being offered in the UK is a “real thing”, the company confirmed that it is.

Several people expressed their excitement over the arrival of the hefty burger in the UK.

“McDonald’s now do a TRIPLE cheeseburger, oh my,” one person wrote.

“No way is McDonald’s releasing a TRIPLE CHEESEBURGER!! My life is now complete,” another said.

Earlier this week on Pancake Day, the fast food restaurant offered customers the opportunity to purchase breakfast pancakes all day.

The menu item, which comes with three pancakes and syrup, is usually only on offer until 11am.

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