McDonald's Or Burger King? The Best Burger, Per Mashed Readers

two hamburgers
two hamburgers - Alexander Zakutaev/Shutterstock

Long has the battle between the fast food giants raged on. Isn't it time we finally settle the age-old question of which chain makes the superior hamburger? Fear not, dear readers; the day has finally come. The question has been answered. Or, at the very least, it's been argued about once again. On September 23, we took to Facebook to ask "Who makes a better burger: McDonald's or Burger King?" Nearly 300 Mashed readers chimed in to choose a side, and unsurprisingly, the results were pretty split.

Plenty of folks advocated for the Whopper, while some shared their love of a good old-fashioned Big Mac. Others, instead, noted their support for Wendy's, Five Guys, and In-N-Out, and one confident home chef even said, "I make a better burger." Still, despite the battle raging in the comments, in the first week of the post being up, a clear winner emerged. While there were plenty of advocates for both the Burger King Whopper and the McDonald's Big Mac, the final numbers weren't even close. Ultimately, Burger King's famous Whopper came out on top.

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Why The Whopper Won

burger king whopper with fries and drink
burger king whopper with fries and drink - Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Facebook post asking Mashed readers which burger they preferred was up for six days when votes were counted. After shuffling through plenty of comments that said "both," "neither," or shared a love of another fast food burger, entirely, the results were in. The McDonald's Big Mac had raked in around 19 votes. As for the Burger King Whopper, it scored a whopping –– no pun intended –– 65 votes. Since this Facebook post relied on folks speaking up in the comments, it's not necessarily as accurate as a formal survey. Still, the difference in numbers is so great that it still seems fair to crown Burger King the winner –– it is the "king," after all.

Most voters didn't elaborate on why they made their choice, though there was a trend throughout the comments suggesting that the famous Big Mac sauce made McDonald's offering delicious, while Burger King's burger itself was superior. Another trend throughout the comments suggested that the Big Mac used to be better but that recently its quality has dipped. However, a few folks suggested that the Quarter Pounder from McDonald's would fare better when staked up against the Whopper. It was also noted multiple times that while it may not have the best burger, McDonald's is the place to go if you're looking for fries. So, ultimately, maybe you have to hit up both of these famous fast food joints to craft the perfect meal.

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