McDonald's Employee Hurls Abuse at Drive-Through Customer

A McDonald’s employee in Hamilton, New Zealand, has been caught on camera hurling abuse at a customer on Saturday, June 29.

Hamilton resident Teuteu Eukaliti was attempting to order food from a 24-hour McDonald’s restaurant drive-through service on Peachgrove Road in Hamilton when he was told the restaurant was temporarily closed.

When Eukaliti questioned why he wasn’t able to be served, the employee began to swear at the man before threatening to “come outside”.

In this footage posted to Facebook by Eukaliti, the employee can be heard shouting: “The fuck you want bitch? Want me to come out there?”

“I am telling you how it is but you’re just being a little bitch because you can’t get food,” the employee said.

Eukaliti accuses the restaurant of false advertising before the employee tells him to complain to their head office.

Speaking to local media outlet Newshub, a McDonald’s spokesperson said that the way the staff member handled the situation was “unacceptable”.

“The restaurant manager spoke with the customer on Sunday and apologized, and an investigation into what happened is taking place,” the spokesperson said. Credit: Teuteu Eukaliti via Storyful