McDonald's employees share 'secret menu items' they put together for certain people

-Credit: (Image: NurPhoto via Getty Images)

McDonald's staff have lifted the lid on 'secret menu items' that could give your go-to fast food favourites a run for their money.

Eager Reddit users flocked to the McDonald'sEmployees thread to get the scoop on these hush-hush gastronomic delights. One McDonald's worker spilled the beans, admitting: "I always make myself a McDouble Only lettuce, Mac sauce, And cheese (of course), And one strip of bacon."

Another savvy staffer shared a budget-friendly tip: "Sausage muffin on the value menu is cheaper than a sausage patty at my store. They took down the triple stack muffin/griddle/biscuit because of price problems. But if you make a sausage egg McMuffin and a sausage McMuffin with no muffin, add bacon - it's the cheapest alternative."

A third team member revealed a colleague's crafty concoction: "My coworker makes what he calls Big Chicken. It's a Big Mac but with crispy chicken patties and mayo instead of 10-1 meat and Mac sauce."

Chipping in, another employee suggested: "McChicken add pickles, Big Mac sauce, and two strips of bacon. It's amazing!"

Finally, a fifth McDonald's aficionado described a taste revelation courtesy of a chef colleague: "I never would've found out about spicy pepper sauce and crinkle cut pickles, if it wasn't for a co-worker of mine who happens to be a chef, as he made his master sandwich with some other bun, crinkle cut pickles, spicy pepper sauce, and I don't know what else he added to his McChicken. Oof thank the universe, a fine chef was sent to our store."

However, when it comes to beverages, another employee swears by a "green tea red Fruitopia". They revealed: "During overnights, I love making myself a little green tea red Fruitopia drink."

"I basically take a large clear cup, fill just the bottom with boiling water, add two green tea bags, and let it sit for a few minutes, then I fill the rest of the cup with red Fruitopia. I also like making a vanilla chai frappe with Oreo bits mixed in."

Another worker shared their favourite concoction: "Caramel frap with two espresso shots."