McDonald's fans vow to 'never order again' as cult-favourite item 'replaced'

A person holding a takeaway bag of McDonald's food
-Credit: (Image: Bloomberg via Getty Images)

The high-street favourite food chain, McDonald's, certainly hasn't been 'lovin' it' from their fans since announcing some big changes to its menu this week (May 29), which sees them dropping a fan-favourite item.

As summer quickly approaches, the fast-food chain has announced a whole host of new treats to try. This includes the brand new fruity sensation Skittles McFlurry (£2.19) and hearty, The Hat Trick burger (£5.89/ £7.69), stacking three beef patties, cheese, grilled onions, mustard and ketchup between a sesame seed bun.

Much-loved classics such as the Chicken Sharebox (£10.59) and the Mozzarella Bites (£2.39), are also making a return alongside some sweet offerings like the Galaxy Caramel McFlurry (£2.19) and Galaxy Chocolate and Raspberry Pie (£1.99).

Unfortunately, there's one beloved item that is getting the boot - the iconic Sour Cream and Chive dip, leaving Brits up in arms. According to The Mirror, the dip will continue to be available until stocks last before being replaced by the new Garlic Mayo dip.

The barbecue sauce is also under renovation, being upgraded to a Sweet and Smokey barbecue version, reports the Mirror.

While customers rejoice over the new and returning items, many have expressed disappointment over the loss of their favourite condiment - the Sour Cream and chive dip. One disappointed customer voiced their disapproval on Instagram, writing: "Replacing the sour cream and chive dip? ! No that's the best dip."

Others echoed the sentiment, with comments such as: "[You] can't have Chicken Select without sour cream." and "Why are they replacing sour cream and chive?? I'll never order selects again."

A fourth added: "NOOOOOO! ! Not the sour cream." McDonald's is known for regularly updating its menu based on the season, which means several fan favourites will be removed in the next few days. This includes the much-loved Biscoff McFlurry, Chicken Big Mac, and Biscoff Frappe.

But it's not all bad news, as the popular Iced Latte (£2.49) is making a comeback as a permanent fixture on the menu. The fast food giant describes the drink as 'perfect for when you want to cool down in the summer heat', and it's set to become a morning must-have for commuters.