McDonald's made a massive mistake with my order but I didn't complain

My daughter Abigail with her boxes of nuggets
-Credit: (Image: LancsLive)

When we order a McDelivery or a drive-thru McDonald's we place our trust in the hard-working servers.

And, let's face, it, they sadly don't always get it right. Many a time I've driven away and parked up to discover a requested BBQ sauce is a Ketchup or there's a missing Sausage and Egg McMuffin.

Usually, you can't be bothered to walk inside to have the mistake corrected, or your complaint to the app falls on deaf ears. But what if the mistake ended up being a win?

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At the weekend my daughter and I ordered on the My McDonald's app before picking it up from the drive-thru at the M65 Junction 4 services. In hindsight, I should have wondered why the bag seemed rather heavy, but we headed straight back home before unpacking our order.

We had ordered 20 nuggets, two chips and four BBQ sauces. It turned out the staff had made a massive mistake but this wasn't one which made me consider complaining.

For, instead of 20 nuggets in one box, we had 80. And instead of four sauces we got 15. We both thought it was hilarious but we were understandably unable to finish it all off.

While we welcomed the error it's fair to say that it'll probably be a while before we can stomach a McNugget again.

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