McDonald's is making a big change after years of complaints from customers (MCD)

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McDonald's is finally replacing its ice cream machines, after years of complaints from customers. 

New machines with fewer parts that are intended to be easier to maintain will be rolled out in the US and Europe, The Wall Street Journal reported. 

The change comes after customers complained that more often than not machines were broken just when they were craving shakes and McFlurries the most. Scrolling through Twitter or Facebook provides ample evidence that broken machines aren't just an annoyance — they've become a joke. 

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hey @McDonalds develop an app so we can see if your ice cream machine is "broken down" at each location Tweet Embed:
*Pulls up to Mc.Donald's *

Me: Does the Ice Cream machine work?

Employee: ... Tweet Embed:
Me: Hi, can I get a McFlurry please?
McDonald's Server: Sorry, our ice cream machine is broken

Even rival fast-food chains have poked fun at McDonald's malfunctioning machines. Celebrity gossip site The Shade Room recently posted a photo of what appears to be a sign at a Sonic location that reads, "Our ice cream machine works unlike Mc... nvm [never mind]." 

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#Sonic coming for #McDonalds ice cream machine 😩 #Petty

According to the Journal, some former McDonald's employees said that they would turn off the machines long before closing for the night, to allow time for the lengthy disassembling and cleaning process.

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Me: can I get a small m&m mcflurry
McDonald's: sorry our ice cream machine isn't on right now, it shuts off at 1 to clean itself
Me: 🙃🙃🙃


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