The McDonald's Sausage Biscuit Hack You Should Think Twice About

McDonald's breakfast sandwiches
McDonald's breakfast sandwiches - McDonald's/Facebook

Social media is replete with hacks for getting get more bang for your buck when visiting your favorite fast-food establishments. McDonald's hacks are particularly popular, as many customers find fault with the iconic chain's ever-increasing menu prices. However, one sausage biscuit hack that's been making the rounds has proved to be more trouble than it's worth. Customers are encouraged to order a regular sausage biscuit with an extra patty on the side to double up on the meat while saving a bit of money on two sandwiches. However, the results are far less impressive when you put the hack into action.

Keeping in mind that prices vary quite a bit from location to location, some restaurants charge $2.49 for a single sausage biscuit on the $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu. If you request an extra sausage patty, you'll need to fork over an additional $2.39 for the patty alone. For a savings of just ten cents, it seems best if customers simply order a second sandwich.

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Other Customers Have Experienced Similar Outcomes With This Hack

McDonald's drive-thru menu
McDonald's drive-thru menu - Eric Broder Van Dyke/Getty Images

Per a post on X (formerly known as Twitter), many people have tried and failed to save money with the viral sausage biscuit hack. According to the poster, ordering an extra patty with their sausage biscuit costs $5.33, even when ordering from the "value menu." Conversely, the price of two sausage biscuits instead of one was just $2.23. As stated by the poster, "Idk how the extra biscuit cost $3 less than an extra patty without the biscuit."

On Reddit, a poster brought up an equally confounding situation when it comes to sausage biscuits with eggs. As stated in the post, a sausage biscuit with egg costs $3.49, while a sausage biscuit and egg biscuit have a combined cost of $2.99. It should be noted that these posts are a few years old, which means that prices are probably different now. Despite any price disparities that might apply, posts like these show that saving money with hacks at the Golden Arches is often easier said than done.

How Can You Really Save Money At McDonald's?

McDonald's Big Mac meal on tray
McDonald's Big Mac meal on tray - Kiwisoul/Getty Images

If you don't feel like experimenting with questionable hacks, there's a more straightforward way to reduce the cost of your McDonald's run. Like lots of fast-food joints, McDonald's offers a rewards program that allows customers to accrue points as they make purchases. Members are also privy to an immediate freebie upon sign-up, which means you can enjoy a free large order of French fries with a $1 purchase.

As for how many points you'll need before you start scoring other free offers, the chain uses a four-tier system. You get 100 points for every buck spent at the chain, and different items are available at 1500, 3000, 4500, and 6000 points. Depending on the rewards tier, you may be able to choose from a McChicken sandwich, a six-piece McNugget, a Happy Meal, or even a Big Mac. For regular McDonald's customers, the rewards program has a lot to offer. It also spares you from chasing hacks that waste your time and money.

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