McDonald's shoppers ordering 3 for £3 meal deal fume at 'naughty' app rule

Burger enthusiasts have aired their frustration at a sneaky price hike by McDonald's which sees them forking out more cash on the app than expected.

The fast-food giant recently introduced a "Mix N Match" meal deal that promises three menu items, ranging from small fries, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, Mayo Chicken, four-piece Chicken McNuggets, an Apple Pie, Veggie Dippers, a side salad and even a Mini McFlurry (available in Oreo, Maltesers or Smarties flavours) all for the bargain price of just £3.

However, the offer isn't as universal as it seems, with customers ordering via the McDonald's mobile app discovering they're charged £4 for the same deal. One disgruntled customer didn't hold back when letting off steam on Facebook, claiming: "It's gone from 3 for £3 to 3 for £4. Which is odd, or is that cause it's on the app."


The complaint was made on the Extreme Bargaining and Coupons UK Facebook page and it wasn't long before other fast-food fans chimed in. One fellow dissatisfied diner asked: "Isn't it meant to be £3? " A second person concurred, quickly offering their own observation: "I thought that. It's £4 on my app too."

The tasty trio combo is accessible in all UK outlets from 11am but don't be fooled if you're planning to have it delivered at home. The price of the meal deal will increase to £4 for the three items thanks to the added delivery charge.

One customer, Carmen Bedford, called the price discrepancy 'naughty'. Further pouring salt on the wound, social media users pointed out in another post on the Extreme Bargains UK Facebook page that usually six McNuggets cost £4.10, nine McNuggets are priced at £4.70 and 20 McNuggets set you back around £6, reports BirminghamLive.

However, if you were to order three portions of McNuggets as part of the 3 for £3 deal, you'd be getting 12 in total for just £3. This comes as McDonald's has revamped its menu for the summer, reintroducing the so-called Hat Trick Burger.