McFly star Harry Judd: My kids’ musical talents come from my wife

McFly star Harry Judd has said his children’s burgeoning musical talents come more from his wife than him.

The drummer, 36, said he tried not to be “pushy”, but their daughter Lola, six, and son Kit, four, are both showing an interest in music after coming to the recording studio and his live shows.

Judd is married to former Escala violinist Izzy and the pair also share a young son, born in October 2021.

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Izzy and Harry Judd (Ian West/PA)

He told the PA news agency: “My wife is a musician as well. She is a classically trained violinist so I am very grateful for her because it more comes from her.

“She is a proper musician. I stopped doing music theory when I was 12 or 13 whereas she carried right on and studied it at music academies.

“She takes piano practice and violin stuff with Lola, who is thankfully enjoying it, whereas Kit seems to be more interested in the drums.”

Judd, who has scored seven UK number one singles with McFly, added: “I am trying not to be pushy but I think because they are around it – they come to the studio every now and again, they come to soundchecks, they have been to a couple of our concerts – they are naturally interested.

“And Lola is six now and she is figuring out that McFly is a band. One of her friends said to her the other day, ‘Your daddy’s song is on my playlist’. So she is a bit like, ‘Hmm okay’.

“At this stage they think it is pretty cool. They love asking about what Tom is doing and, ‘Where’s Dougie?’ and ‘Where’s Danny?’

“They are figuring it out. Thankfully they are keen to do music too.”

Harry Judd with his two children, Lola and Kit, at their home (Mattel/PA)
Harry Judd with his two children, Lola and Kit, at their home (Mattel/PA)

Judd and his two older children are taking part in a campaign with Thomas & Friends in which kids read stories to their younger siblings, and a video sees Lola reading Thomas And The Rocket to Kit.

Speaking about the project, Judd said: “I grew up with Thomas The Tank Engine and it’s all about reading with your family and that is something that we try and do most days.

“It is really important for us to be reading to the kids for their development, and then helping them with their reading.”

He said the Thomas & Friends books are “all about the morals, so it’s not just some kind of story that is teaching them to read, there is also a moral in there.

“And the book that Lola read to Kit was all about being helpful and kind and stuff.

“Being able to reiterate those points to the children through a story is very helpful.”

The video of Harry and his children reading Thomas And The Rocket is available on the Thomas & Friends YouTube channel.