McFly's Harry Judd And Wife Izzy Share First Photo Of Daughter Lola Rose

Last month McFly’s Harry Judd and his wife Izzy proudly announced that they had welcomed their first baby together, Lola Rose Emma, after years of fertility struggles.

Since the birth, Harry has understandably been proudly tweeting how much he loves being a daddy, previously writing on his social media page: “Lola is asleep on my chest. I’m in heaven.”

Now the couple have shared the first photo of their gorgeous bundle of joy in an interview with Hello! magazine and, well, isn’t she a beauty?

Speaking about fatherhood, Harry told the mag: “You are just floating in a cloud of love. It’s amazing. Our wedding day was the best day of my life and this was a similar feeling but times ten.

"Being a dad just feels right. It feels quite natural. It is the best thing ever.”

The duo have always been open about the fact that Lola was conceived following IVF as Izzy struggled to fall pregnant naturally, and Harry goes on to admit that he couldn’t be more grateful for the procedure.

He added: “Everything we went through was worth it because it has brought us to this moment. IVF is just mind- blowing and such an amazing thing to give us this family.”

He also revealed that seeing Izzy deliver their baby changed his view on her, previously dubbing the musician as his “hero” he shared: “I’ve never been so in love and proud of Izzy.

“To see your wife going through all that for the greater good, doing it for us and our family, it’s just incredible.”

Less than one month after Lola’s arrival Harry’s bandmate and close friend, Tom Fletcher, welcomed his second son - Buddy Bob - and we bet these are two McFly babies that are going to grow up being the best of friends.

Read the full interview with Harry and Izzy in this week’s issue of Hello! magazine.