Meatball Molly 'doing Liverpool proud' after sharing emotional chat

Hundreds of people have sent their support to Molly
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

Meatball Molly has been flooded with support after sharing an emotional conversation with her mum.

The UFC fighter’s journey from the Olympia to Las Vegas has been documented in a new BBC documentary featuring fellow Liverpool fighter Paddy ‘the Baddy’ Pimblett. Speaking ahead of a fight against Diana Belbiţă in in Las Vegas on February 3 this year, Molly had suffered two successive defeats and had thoughts about quitting the sport altogether.

Episode five showed Molly’s mum, Sharon, flying over for the fight. Molly, who is from Norris Green, revealed that Sharon had told her to ‘never give up’ despite the setbacks.

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Being in the states brought back memories of one of Molly’s first fights in America which Sharon couldn’t attend. She said: “It was your fight in America and I couldn’t be there. And you said, ‘I just want my mum.’

“Coming out here today, I was crying this morning and I was just like, I’m here.”

Both shed tears, with Molly telling her mum: “It’s nice that we get the full circle together. What I promised pops that I’d win in Vegas and this time you’re here to see it.”

Speaking about Sharon’s role in her career, Molly said: “When I decided I wanted to fight, my mum was the first one to be like, ‘well you best be doing it properly, you best be going the whole way.’ She’s dragged me out of the baths and put the towels on me and drove me to every weigh in that she could. She’s been a massive, massive help in my fighting career.”

“Her life’s been a tough one. She’s overcome mountains, Everests every day. “

The clip has been shared on Molly’s Instagram and hundreds of fans sent their support. One said: “I sobbed this morning watching this. Hits home for so many of us in Liverpool!"

Nic said: “I’ll be honest when I started watching this series never did I expect to be crying. So much emotion and even though I don’t personally know her, I was sobbing when she was talking! Done Liverpool proud.”

Debbie Roig added: “I loved watching this, so emotional. I can really relate to this with my Scouse mum. You do Liverpool proud Molly.”

Susan Mccormick added: “Actually sobbing, there’s no-one like your mum. Both remind me so much of my mum!”

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