Medical Students Perform Incredible Black Panther-Inspired Routine in Philippines

Medical students from Saint Louis University in Baguio City, Philippines, performed an eye-catching display based on the Marvel Comics favorite Black Panther, which took home top prize at a campus-wide cheering competition on October 5.

The seven-minute routine – filled with choreographed hand and body movements, all led from the front by a student in Black Panther garb – was caught on camera by fellow medical student Gia Felicci Mathilda R Alonzo. She told Storyful that the routine was inspired both by the 2018 movie hit, and the theme of the intramural event: “sports leadership through mission and excellence.”

Alonzo said she and fellow students, who all came from the 2023 class, or “batch” as she put it, were “wowed” by the reaction on the day as well the online response, which has seen the video viewed over 475,000 times at the time of writing.

Alonzo said, “our whole batch (consisting of 165 students) was involved in the creation of our routine.” In a little over two weeks they worked in separate groups, “namely writing, choreo, props and cheerers,” to bring together the final result. “We were headed by our batchmate, Vince Suclad, our coordinator for the event,” said Alonzo.

Combining the themes, Alonzo said the lyrics included direct quotes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, such as “Yibambe! Yibambe!”, as well as lyrics by the students themselves.

Was all that effort worth it? It appears so, with the the group taking home the Overall Bleacher Cheering Championship, as well as Best Cheerleader Award, for Jonathan Jao Ruiz, according to local media. Credit: Gia Felicci Mathilda R Alonzo via Storyful