New Mediterranean restaurant opens in Weymouth

The Greedy Seagull can be found at 43 Maiden Street in Weymouth <i>(Image: Kieran Bell)</i>
The Greedy Seagull can be found at 43 Maiden Street in Weymouth (Image: Kieran Bell)

A taste of the Mediterranean has arrived in Weymouth as a new restaurant opened its doors in Maiden Street.

The Greedy Seagull started trading on Monday, January 23 just off the harbourside, planning to bring good quality, fresh food at a 'reasonable price'.

Items on the menu include soup, tapas, burgers, seafood and various choices of meat and grill options, among other dishes.

General manager Andrew Short told the Dorset Echo that he was looking forward to getting started in the town centre and adding to the town's hospitality scene.

He brings with him 35 years worth of experience in the food and drink trade having owned an eatery in the Caribbean.

"It is not fine dining but it is fresh produce, it is all made in-house and locally sourced," Andrew explained.

"It is casual dining but the reviews we have had so far have been positive which is encouraging.

"The important thing is fresh food which is good value for money. Good sized portions at a reasonable price."

Andrew said whilst he wanted to attract the tourists during the sunnier months, he was also keen on making sure the locals have a new go-to place to eat in Weymouth.

"The tourists will come to the town anyway so the locals will be our priority - we want to keep them happy," he added.

"It is a bit of a hard sell because it is just off the main road but through the customer feedback it has been fantastic. So hopefully word of mouth will help us."

The pandemic has been tough on hospitality businesses and Andrew said the situation in the sector remains the same due to the cost-of-living crisis.

"It has been the hardest winter I have seen - the utility bills are the killer at the moment as they are for everybody," he explained.

"We have got to trade 52 weeks of the year and we will give it a shot. There is quite a lot of competition locally but the offer we have got is a bit different - and there is enough to share around.

"It is about trying to fill in a gap in the market and there is a real emphasis on fresh as well. There are a lot of places that are into 'drop and fry'."

To book a table at The Greedy Seagull, email