Meet the 10-year-old Indonesian girl who cycles city streets to feed stray cats

Ratu Keyla from Padang in Indonesia is only ten years old but she may have already found her calling in life: caring for the city's stray cats. Every afternoon, Keyla fills empty water bottles with cat food, hops on her bike and heads off into the city looking for hungry felines to help. She's been feeding strays for about a year and by now many are used to her daily visits and come running towards her as she parks up her bright orange collapsible bike. As well as providing meals for cats, Keyla also regularly takes sick animals to the vet for treatment at her own expense. "I really love cats and feel sad when I see cats abandoned," says Keyla. "In one month I spend 500,000 rupiahs (35 US dollars) on cat food," she says.