Meet the 11-year-old TV news presenter who anchors his very own show from his bedroom

Meet the world's youngest TV news presenter - an 11-year-old schoolboy who anchors his very own show from his bedroom every day. Hugh Murphy got interested in the news at the start of the pandemic and started making his own mini newspaper to share more positive stories to cheer up his pals. He was soon hooked - and launched his own news channel Good Morning News, complete with website and YouTube channel. Armed with a Westminster skyline backdrop and a teleprompter he bought with his pocket money, he records a show from his bedroom after his tea each night. The mini journo is a dab hand at a piece to camera, pounding the pavements to file reports on the likes of shootings and protests near his home. Despite his young age, edits news bulletins all by himself as well as conducting live interviews with his regular guest star - his grandma Audrey Pickering, 89. He's often uses ITV news as his inspiration, writing his own speeches and giving comment pieces on topics like coronavirus, transport, politics and education. While most of his viewers are his friends and family, his reports have clocked up more than 3,500 views. And the schoolboy anchor is content to just get some practise in for his future dream job - presenting Good Morning Britain with his hero Kate Garraway. Hugh from Enfield, north London, said: "I just really enjoy telling the news and sharing interesting stories. "I love it when people watch my videos and say 'thanks Hugh, I didn't know that before'. "It's feedback like that that motivates me to keep doing it." This compilation was created on the 13th September 2021.

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