Meet The Baby With The Fastest Growing Hair In The UK

Bringing a baby into the world is a tough task. Once they are out of the womb and in your life, there are constant chores like feeding and cleaning up.

But one mother has something else to add to that list: taking her baby to the hairdresser.

Fergus Hillman, from Saltash, Cornwall, is only six months old, but he has already had his hair cut twice in his short life.

His mum Hayley, 30, is convinced he is the baby with Britain’s fastest growing hair.

He was born with a full head of thick curly hair and it needs constant looking after, unlike most babies, who won’t visit the barber for a few years.

Nurse Hayley says Fergus’s hairdo really stands out when he is next to another baby. He follows in the locks of his mother, sister and grandfather – all were born with a full head of hair.

“I was hairy and my dad was hairy,” said Hayley.

“I think it’s only really when you see him against other babies that you realise how hairy he is but people generally just sort of laugh at it.”

His cousin Chloe, for instance, is two weeks older yet completely bald, while Fergus is rocking his super mop-top.

He had his first haircut at the barber’s when he was four months old and has just paid a second visit there. He will be six months old this week.

“During his second haircut he fell asleep as soon as the hairdresser started brushing his hair,” said Hayley.

“He’s lovely; he’s quite smiley and loves his sister and is always laughing at her.”

(Pictures: South West News Service)

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