Meet Britain's best skipper - who broke FOUR world records last year and skips so much he gets through a pair of trainers a month

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Britain's best skipper broke FOUR world records last year and skips so much he wears through a pair of trainers - every month.

Peter Thompson, 35, started skipping around a decade ago and soon discovered he was an expert rope jumper.

Performer Peter is the only person in the UK to hold Guinness World Records for the sport, and currently holds five titles.

All but one, were set during lockdown last year - including the record for the most consecutive double-under crossovers, which he broke in his living room.

The pro skipper practices for five to six hours-a-day alongside teaching and work.

He owns at least ten skipping ropes, and used one lucky rope for all the records he broke during lockdown.

Peter wears out the rubber soles of his trainers so fast he gets through at least a pair a month.

And his hands and feet are constantly covered in blisters, with whip marks from the rope on his legs head shoulders and back.

New dad Peter broke the records for the most crossovers in 30 seconds, with 70 skips on November 2019.

He did the most crossovers in 60 seconds with 129 in August 2020, getting the record for most double-under crossovers in a minute, with 127, the same day.

He also got the record for the most consecutive double-under crossovers with 285 in October 2020.

Two months later he got the record for the most double-under crossovers in 30 seconds, with 72 in December 2020.

In a crossover a skipper crosses their arms fully in front of them, creating a loop in the rope, in one skip, and uncrosses them again in the next.

In a double-under crossover  a skipper does a crossover, fully crossing and uncrossing the rope, without springing off in between.

Peter, from Bedford, Bedfordshire, said: "It feels amazing. I am extremely proud.

"Although they are a big achievement, I'm not focused on that when I do them.

"Each attempt just feels like I'm skipping again, and I'm fully focused on the rope and the enjoyment.  I forget it's a world record."

Peter, and partner Natasha Magede, 29, achieved another first when their daughter, and first child, Azriyah Emelia Mary Thompson was born at 10:27AM weighing six pounds..

He said: "I'm thrilled to become a father for the first time today.

"A chance to pass on my legacy and share an amazing future with Natasha and Azriyah."

Peter started skipping in time to music as part of exercise to manage depression in 2012

He said: "I began to find crossing the rope over in front of me very therapeutic.

"Focusing on the loop the rope made and where it was hitting the ground was hypnotising.

"There was little time for me to worry about anything else, so all negative thoughts and emotions were suspended."

He puts UV lights on his skipping rope, which he can spin at almost five full rotations per second. 

He held two Guinness World Records for skipping at the start of 2020.

When one of them was broken by someone else during the first Covid-19 lockdown he trained hard and won it back.

He got so into his record-breaking skipping that he went on to win another three Guinness World Records, smashing one in his sitting room in lockdown in October.

Peter, who has overcome drug and alcohol abuse, and depression, now works as a skipping performer.

He visits schools to teach behavioural and exercise education workshops, focusing on children with behavioural and additional needs.

He said: "You have the power to change your life around.

"No matter what happens to you, or the mistakes you make, you can transform yourself.

"I am still just skipping to manage myself, rather than just for records."

He is hoping to break another record soon - the longest stint of continuous skipping - by jumping for 35 hours.

Guinness changed their rules to make it possible for people to make record attempts in lockdown, allowing use of non-public places and fewer witnesses.