Meet the cat who loves to sing duets - but refuses to do anything by Take That despite his owner being Jason Orange in a tribute band

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Meet the cat who loves to sing but refuses to do anything by Take That - despite his owner being Jason Orange in a tribute band. 

Tinker is a Bengal cat who loves nothing more than singing along to songs with her owner, Danny Hall, 38.

Professional singer Danny has been a member of tribute band 'The Take That Experience' for 12 years.

He only discovered Tinker's talents when he caught her screeching along to the radio playing Backstreet Boys' 'Everybody' in the kitchen.

Danny has since captured videos of the rescue cat singing to Queen, The Beatles, The Outhere Brothers and Harry Styles.

But despite her owner being a part time Jason Orange - she refuses to meow along to anything by Take That.

Danny still enjoys sing-alongs with his cheeky kitty despite their differing tastes.

She likes to lie in his arms and wait for Danny to sing the first part of each line of the song, before piping in, to sing -on cue - to the second bit.

The pair have got 15,000 followers on TikTok and their rendition of Everybody has 1.1 million views while Boom Boom Boom by The Outhere Brothers has more than 215,000.

Danny, from Dagenham, east London, said: "We had Tinker in the kitchen and we were just playing the song 'Everybody (Backstreet's Back)'.

"I was singing along to the chorus, so I was singing 'Everybody' and then looking to my wife Jackie to sing the 'Yeaaah' bit that follows. Jackie didn't sing back - but Tinker did!

"I couldn't believe it! I sang the next lyric, which is 'Rock your body' and then Tinker sang the 'Yeaaah' response yet again, it was so funny.

"We posted it online and suddenly people were requesting songs for us to perform, but you can't make a cat do anything they don't want to do - if Tinker doesn't like the song, she won't join in.

"We tried Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and Tinker wasn't going in as she didn't like it, but then she does like their song 'I Want To Break Free' so she sings along to that!

"We don't spend hours practicing or anything - she's an animal, I don't want to upset her or make her not love me or make her do anything that she doesn't want to do.

"I'll just put a song on and keep an eye on her to see if she joins in, and if she does start singing, then I'll get the camera out and see if I can catch her performing on video.

"I have played her some Take That songs but she doesn't join in with any of them! 

"I thought 'Shine' would be a great one but she's just not interested!"

He discovered her talent in October 2020 - but said he'd long known she was skilled.

She can play fetch - and even use the human toilet on her own, much to the amusement of Danny and wife Jackie, 31.

Danny said: "For about two weeks, I was getting in trouble! Jackie kept telling me off for forgetting to flush the toilet, which I apologised for, but i'ts not something I ever forget to do, so it was weird.

"The next time I went to the toilet, I remembered her telling me off and made sure to flush the toilet that time, so when Jackie told me off later on, I could say it wasn't me!

"Fast forward a few days, I'm out with a mate and Jackie rings me saying that she's sorry and she'd actually just caught Tinker having a wee on the toilet!

"It absolutely floored me, I couldn't believe it. I get myself in enough trouble as it is and the last thing I need is that cat throwing me under the bus!

"We do love Tinker, she's so affectionate and is always annoying my wife when she's working from home.

"She always sits on our laps. It's so warm and comforting to hear her purring.

"Before lockdown, my band was doing 100 gigs a year, and we were performing on Royal Caribbean cruise ships and in theatres with our last gig in The O2 in Newcastle.

"Obviously the pandemic has stopped that, so having this little outlet with Tinker has been really nice and performing with her for the camera has been so good for my mental health."


The meow-sical duo are still singing now throughout lockdown and taking song requests on their TikTok channel, @magicanytime.