Meet Daniel Klein who stacks and deconstructs complex patterns made of cups faster than the eye can see.

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Meet Daniel Klein who has the almost super human ability to stack and deconstruct complex patterns made of cups faster than the eye can see. 25-year- old Daniel from New York, USA has been performing sport stacking ever since he was a young boy. Years of meticulous hour long practice sessions have led him to hone his amazing talent to the point of mastery. This awesome video shows Daniel stacking and de constructing the speed stacker cups in unbelievable times. Daniel has recently started sharing his gift with the world by posting his videos on social media. Daniel said: "I remember watching a few commercials about Speed Stacks around December 2006, and really wanted it for Christmas. Thankfully enough, I actually got a set of it. I've been practicing for 14 years, but it took me a couple of months to really get to world class." "Practice usually ranges from an hour to a few hours to go fast for a video, depending on the type of stack I'm doing." "The public reaction feels pretty overwhelming coming from online, both positive and negative to get all of this attention, but I'm grateful that I was able to have a few of my videos go viral. As for real life, it feels pretty cool to show my talent to people because they're always amazed." "My influences go back to Steven Purugganan and Emily Fox, who were both the former world record at one point. As well as a German stacker named Yannick, whom I use to watch back in the day when I was first introduced to Sport Stacking and YouTube." "If there was one thing I would want people to take away from my videos it would be this... to be remembered for my passion for this hobby."