Meet the gifted 4-year-old who learned to UNICYCLE over lockdown

Daisy Adams, 4, lives in Bristol with mum Helen and her Robert, 45, and learned to ride a bike when she was just two years old - and started BMXing at three. Now she is teaching herself to ride a unicycle and thousands are following her progress at @pint_size_cyclist on Instagram. Mum Helen, 34, an outdoor activities instructor said: "Daisy practices and rides about 4-5 times a week. She rides mtb, BMX, unicycles and even inside on her rollers. "We are amazingly proud of Daisy but most of all it makes us happy that she found something that makes her smile so much. ''She found unicyling specifically while out in Bristol one day, seeing a couple of children do it themselves and immediately wanting to give it a go. "We were out BMX riding in Bristol and there were some children aged 9 and 12 learning to unicycle as part of their lockdown project. "Daisy said she really wanted to have a go. So after a while of searching we eventually found a unicycle and bought that, which is how it started." Filmed on 6th November 2021

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