Meet the hunky gay designer making all of the pope's religious clothing

Filippo Sorcinelli designs the formal religious garb for Pope Francis
Filippo Sorcinelli designs the formal religious garb for Pope Francis

Hunky queer designer Filippo Sorcinelli leads a life full of contradictions. He has worked as a fashion designer for the last two popes while also designing gay-themed fragrances with names like “Cruising-area.”

And did we mention he’s hot, covered in tattoos, and loves to post thirst traps on his Instagram account?

For the past two decades, Sorcinelli has been in high demand in the Vatican, designing religious garb for cardinals, bishops, Pope Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis. He even created the miter (AKA that pointy pope hat) for Benedict XVI to wear while lying in state at St. Peter’s Basilica after his death.

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But he is also a fragrance designer, and his Cyber SEX line of scents, which includes “Popper-pop,” “Cruising-area,” and “Slightly-b!tch,” seems to contradict his work for the Catholic Church.

Although the sparkly headdresses and ornate robes covered in gilded embroidery would be at home in any drag competition, so maybe it’s not as incongruous as it looks.

It is strange that a gay man is the head designer for Pope Francis, considering he can’t seem to keep gay slurs out of his mouth.

Just two weeks ago, the pope was caught using the anti-gay slur “Frociaggine” (a Roman Italian word meaning “f—ggotness.”) when talking about opposing admitting gay men into Roman Catholic seminaries in a closed-door meeting with Italian bishops.

But if you thought this was a one-time slip of the tongue, the New York Times reported that Pope Francis was at it again, repeating the slur. While the exact context isn’t known yet, the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reported on Wednesday that the pope said, “A bishop came to me and told me, ‘There is too much frociaggine here in the Vatican.’”

How can you repeat the Italian F-bomb and think gay men shouldn’t be in the priesthood but also want a gay man to help you slay at the pulpit? Are gay men only welcome when they’re acting out your Queer Eye for the Pope Guy fantasy?

Francis, your hypocrisy is showing.

Regardless, Sorcinelli is a talented designer, and if his recent penchant for posting thirst traps continues, he’ll definitely be a fashion designer we keep our eyes on!

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