Meet Luna: 2-year-old foster dog who never had a home blossoms with the help of love and affection

Two-year-old Luna has never had a home. Stuck in the shelter system, it seemed she was forgotten entirely.

When 34-year-old Kent McKay from Edmonton, capital of Canada's Alberta province, found Luna in a kennel he felt compelled to help. After being bounced from rescue to rescue and living in a kennel since before Christmas, Kent decided to take a chance and become Luna's foster Dad.

Kent told Newsflare: "I didn't know what to expect and braced myself for the worst as I went to the kennel for a meet and greet.

"She was a giant ball of energy when the staff brought her to me. I felt really overwhelmed on the car ride home, wondering if I could handle this manic girl, who hasn't known much affection or been trained.

"I took in Luna on a Friday. By Saturday, she'd blossomed into the sweetest, most polite, and smart dog I've ever met!"

The adorable footage, captured on Sunday (January 26), shows Kent teaching Lunda to "shake a paw."

"Her reaction was one of so much love and gratitude and I melted."

Now Kent faces a difficult decision: "Although Luna is currently a foster, these little moments are making it really difficult to let her go to another family! This may turn out to be a foster fail."

Posting the video to Reddit, Kent urged: "If you’re at all on the fence about fostering, please do it. It’s amazing to see the difference you can make on a fur baby, in this case, almost immediately!"