Meet the man wowing commuters with 'boxing-style' train announcements

Jacob Jarvis

A Transport for London announcer who has become an online sensation with his energetic boxing-style train introductions says he loves being able to brighten up people's journeys to work.

Customer service officer Hus Ragip, 33, said it is “amazing and overwhelming” to see people praising his quirky announcements, which can be heard on the platforms of DLR services at Bank station.

Videos of him, circulated widely on social media, capture the announcer channelling his inner MC as trains roll into the platform.

In one clip, he tells commuters: "LET'S GET READY TO TRAVELLLL" over the platform PA system.

Mr Ragip has been working for TfL since June (Hus Ragip)

Mr Ragib, a former police officer who began working for TfL in June, told the Standard: They promote personalised announcements. Be yourself and be unique.

"When I started, I was just doing normal announcements and was surprised that a lot of passengers aren't listening, due to work fatigue and music headphones.

“So I thought I need to come up with something that will grab everyone's attention.”

As a boxing fan, he decided to harness his inner ring announcer and emulate the style immortalised by Michael Buffer.

I thought there is no better introduction than what a boxer receives. So I gave it a go, and the reactions I got from the passengers were amazing, Mr Ragip, who is from Highbury but lives in Broxbourne, said.

“Seeing everyone smile and be happy really made it worthwhile.”

His announcements have prompted smiles and giggles from those in the station.

One commuter wrote on social media said: "The DLR announcer at Bank announcing each train like it’s a wrestler is the best thing I’ve ever experienced on public transport."

TfL was told the announcer should be given an award for his work and a representative on Twitter said: "I think he should get one too."