Meet Ollie the Labrador retriever who can balance everyday objects on his BACKSIDE

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Meet Ollie the Labrador retriever who has a unique talent for balancing everyday objects on his backside.

The paw-some pooch lives at home with his owner Alex Morgan in East Berkshire, UK. Ollie has always loved learning new tricks and while teaching him how to bow Alex thought it would be funny to balance a few things on his behind.

The 6-year-old Labrador retriever holds himself so controlled and still that the talent is second nature to him and all manner of things are able to be balanced on his sturdy rear from a full glass of water or an egg to a ukulele and even a Halloween pumpkin. 

Ollie has recently built an impressive following on TikTok and Instagram because people love to see Ollie's funny quirks and talents. His followers love to see him performing his tricks.

Twenty-one-year-old Alex said:

"Ollie has always loved learning new tricks, but I didn't actually teach him how to 'bow' until October of last year.

"He picked it up so quickly, and he was so controlled and still, I thought it would be funny to try and balance something on his butt when it was in the air.

"I've seen loads of dogs balancing things on their heads so I thought it would be really funny if Ollie could do it on his booty.

"The first thing I tried was a pumpkin for a Halloween photo and he did it easily. Ollie loves getting praise for doing his tricks so I decided to keep training and go for even crazier objects

"Not long after I joined TikTok I thought posting Ollie's booty balance would make a fun and unique video. People absolutely loved it and it got hundreds of thousands of likes in just 24 hours.

"I then posted it to Instagram it it's been our most liked Instagram post ever! It's been so popular, it was even shown on TV. I love reading people's suggestions of what to balance next, and recently Ollie collaborated with another great balancing dog online, Dexter The Balancing Dog.

"I love watching Ollie doing his tricks. He has such a great time and training is a really great activity for us to do together. He loves all of the attention and he's now beginning to stick his booty in the air when I get my phone out, because he's hoping for a treat!

"He's a really clever boy so it's important I keep him busy so that he doesn't get bored. Performing his tricks is a great way of keeping him active, and he adores the attention.

"I'm really proud of what a talented boy he is, he always works so hard on his tricks. Most dogs wouldn't stay still for long enough to balance such crazy items, so Ollie really is a special dog.

"The only reason I share Ollie's videos is to make people happy. Ollie makes everyone at home laugh all the time, so it's lovely to be able to share that with the Internet.

"The only thing I want people to take away form Ollie's videos is a big smile on their face, and maybe the inspiration to have some fun teaching their own dogs some tricks.

"Ollie really is the best dog. He's so happy and laid back all of the time. He is at his happiest when he is spending time with my family and I, showing off or playing with his toys. I have such a great relationship with him, we do everything together.

"Ollie loves everyone he meets, but it's clear how much he loves his family. He bring so much happiness into our lives so we make sure to give him the best life possible."

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