Meet Rex - the 18kg monitor lizard who lives with UK family-of-four and even goes out for walks

Meet Rex - the 40lb 6ft monitor lizard that lives at home with a family-of-four who even take him for walks on a lead. Matt Reid, 38, said aptly named T-Rex, is more like a puppy than a reptile and he loves nothing more than going for strolls with kids Leighton and Kailah, 11 and seven. Life as a pet monitor isn't always plain-sailing, because despite being six-feet long, Rex loves small spaces and even once got lost inside the sofa. He loves sunbathing outside their home in in Andover, Hampshire, and is a fan of his weekly baths. Matt said: "I look at Rex as a one in a million lizard. "Rex has such a kind and docile personality, he loves his food, he loves basking in the sun and he loves his baths. "He has a bath every week and when he's had enough he climbs out and brings himself downstairs. Filmed on 10th July 2021

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