Meet the siblings who are winning trophies in the motorcycle world - at the ages of eight and six

Meet the siblings who are winning trophies in the motorcycle world - at the ages of eight and six. Daisy Brookes and her younger brother Harry have already won four major prizes between them. The pair have only been riding for a few years but are already accomplished on two wheels. They are competing in motorcycle trials, which isn't about speed. Riders have to negotiate an obstacle course and the winner is the person who puts their feet down the fewest times. Daisy is currently leading the race to be crowned British champion for her age group. And Harry holds a regional youth championship - making parents Paul and Sarah Brookes, both 33, proud. Daisy also recently competed a national race against 10 other boys - and finished second. Dad Paul, who works for a JCB dealership, from Leicester, said: “It was an awesome day. We weren’t expecting this. “We weren’t sure about her competing with the boys at first, but she really wanted to do it. “She loves it. She has made some really good friends and is up for the task continuing to race the boys." Daisy said: “I wasn’t expecting to get second and it was really tough. "But I enjoyed the whole day out and would like to finish the last four rounds of the championship.” Harry was first to pick up the sport when his grandad gifted him a motorbike for Christmas - when he was aged just two. Daisy then followed after having a go on her brother's bike when she was five. Both have been hooked ever since and have already landed sponsorship deals for their exploits on the track. Now the family's weekends are now taken up with long drives around the country with upcoming tournaments. Paul said: “It’s hard work, but it’s worth it. Harry gets mardy when he wants to ride but can’t. “It’s early days in their trialling careers, both of them just want to do really well, so it’s hard to say if they will eventually go pro. “The aim is to not to put your foot down while navigating around a course. “It is way more about skill set, and there are different obstacles and terrain." Motorbike trialling tests riders’ ability to navigate extremely difficult routes. The sport is not without its dangers - and both Daisy and Harry have had their fair share of scrapes. Paul said: “Daisy had one accident. She got a really bad black eye after hitting a tree hit a tree. “At first I thought that would be it for her trialling and she’d want to give it up but just two days later she was back on the bike. “Harry is much like his sister, he gets back up if he falls off and laughs. “Sometimes as a parent you do worry a bit. It can be a dangerous sport but it’s not about speed. “I think their mother worries the most.” Daisy looks up to British pros Emma Bristow and Alicia Robinson while Harry's idol is Spaniard Toni Bou. The speedy siblings hope they can one day emulate their trial racing heroes.