Meet the six-year-old boy whose knowledge of space is so cosmic he's received a message from Tim Peake

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Meet the six-year-old boy with an encyclopaedic knowledge of space who is determined to become an astronaut - and has even received a message from Tim Peake.

Stanley Williams developed a passion for the cosmos when his mum Laura began reading space books to him at bedtime.

He recently turned up to a space exhibition at Gloucester Cathedral wearing a full astronaut's suit.

A picture of him standing under a giant model of earth at the Gaia Earth Exhibition was shared online - and caught the eye of Tim Peake.

And Stanley was delighted to receive a message from his hero which read:

"Hi Stanley, I love that you are as passionate about space as I am. 

"Becoming an astronaut takes a lot of work and time so make sure you enjoy the journey too just like I did. Best wishes Tim."

Laura, 37, an NHS Community Mental Health Services Manager, said: "Stanley just loves looking into the sky, he has done since he was three or four.

"He knows more than I or most people do. He knows all the facts, how many moons a planet has, all these little details.

"He's a bit like a sponge. He takes in everything and is an incredibly good reader for his age."

Laura and her husband Andy, 37, of Longlevens, Glos., are incredibly proud of Stanley and his older brother Harry, eight.

Harry's passion lies in geography, an interest stemming from Andy being a geography teacher. 

Laura said: "It's just lovely to see your children with such passions, really heart-warming."