Meet the students launching a business making dog beds for humans

Meet the students launching a business making dog beds for humans.

Pals Yuki Kinoshita and Noah Silverman, both 21, came up with the idea after enjoying naps with a local cafe's Great Dane - Lady - in her bed.​

The friends - who are on the international economic programme at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada - had found themselves exhausted and stressed from their studies and loved curling up beside Lady to relax- just like Stacey Solomon's son Rex.

The Loose woman presenter bought her son a dog bed after he kept stealing and curling up in his dog's one.

It sparked Plufl - their brand of human-sized dog beds.

Now they will be launching the business through Kickstarter and have already had a lot of love from other avid nappers.

Yuki, originally from Washington DC, US, said: "It's a massive dog bed for humans what is not to love.

"We've tried and tested them, and you get a great nap."

The friends had spent a lot of time lounging in their local cafe with their favourite pet pal, Lady, when they thought of the idea.

The Plufl will cost £228 when they launch on Kickstarter.

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