Meet the brave five-month-old kitten who loves going on holiday in his owner's rucksack

Higgs the kitten loves exploring the great outdoors - by going on holiday in his owner’s rucksack.

The adorable five-month-old took his first steps outdoors while holidaying in the Highlands with owners Christian Witte and Kimia Mohammadi last month.

But scared by the strong winds along the coastline of Sanna Bay, he scrambled up on Christian's back before hopping into his backpack.

Now the furry hitchhiker is making a habit of seeing the world via Christian’s backpack.

Kimia, 25, said: 'He gets quite cosy in the backpack and he likes looking around at what's going on.

'We took him with us when we were in the Highlands and it was his first time being out in nature. He had never been outside our tiny flat in Glasgow's Merchant City before.

'He was just running around but the wind was quite strong. He climbed up on Christian and found his way into the rucksack. He obviously didn't want sand in his eyes.

'He likes crawling around and he fetches things as well. He is like a dog in cat's skin. He is quite a strange cat but I really like him.'


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Christian, 30, and Kimia are both PhD medical engineering students at Glasgow University - which explains how their kitten got its name.

Kimia added: 'I'm a very geeky scientist and so is Christian. Peter Higgs got his Nobel Prize around the same time that we got him. I call him my fluffy particle.'