Meet the lady who finally said 'yes' to her partner after hundreds of marriage proposals over 40 years

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Britain's most determined Romeo finally got the answer he had been waiting for - when his girlfriend said 'I do' after rejecting his marriage proposals for 40 years.

Romantic Chris Green, 75, has spent thousands of pounds wooing his sweetheart Ann Turner, 72, including weekends away, flowers and expensive meals since falling for her in 1973.

He has popped the question hundreds of times over the years and even carried the same engagement ring with him just in case she changed her mind.

But Ann always refused to tie the knot - insisting marriage was a "pointless piece of paper".

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But she finally relented and said 'yes' when Chris went down on one knee yet again on his 75th birthday last November.

And the couple are going to get hitched this Friday after 38 years of "living over the brush" – slang for unmarried cohabiting couples.

Ann, a retired care worker from Harlaston, near Tamworth, Staffs., said: "It's never been because I don't love him, I absolutely adore Chris.

"But we've had eight kids to look after from previous relationships, and we've had to work really hard to support them over the years.

"I suppose I've just never felt the time is right."

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She continued: "I used to tell him getting married was just a piece of paper and I'd already been divorced so didn't see the point.

"I felt terrible knocking him back sometimes, because I could almost hear his heart sink, but then a few minutes later we would start laughing about it.

"He used to go to great lengths to propose, taking me out for meals and weekends away and I always knew the big question was coming but I always said the same 'sorry love, I love you but I don't want us to get married'.

"I changed my mind when we reached our 70s and thought it was our time to do something for ourselves.

"I can't wait to get married now, Chris has waited so long, so it was a lovely birthday present for him when I finally said 'I will'.

"I'm a bit nervous, but all the family will be there and it's going to be a wonderful day."

The couple, who each have four children from previous marriages, have seen all eight of their kids get married while they have been together.

The couple, who also have 12 grandchildren between them, will tie the knot at St Matthew's Church in Harlaston.

Chris, a retired miner, said: "I've been offering her the same engagement ring for the best part of 40 years, so I'm delighted it's finally become useful.

"I've carried the ring, which cost a small fortune when I first bought it for her soon after we met and has sat in my draw ever since.

"I was always determined to get it on her finger though.

"I am absolutely ecstatic she has agreed to marry me, we've always been deeply in love, but I've been desperate to celebrate that love with a wedding.

"When I proposed last, I said to Ann 'I'm not going to ask you again', so I'm chuffed she finally said yes.

"I thought she's never say the words – 'I will.'"

Chris and Ann first met at the Alrewas British Legion Club in Staffordshire, and hit it off almost straight away.

Ann's first husband had left her for another woman a year earlier, and Chris's first wife had died of cancer when he was only 32.

Ann said: "When I first met Chris I was terrified of him. He was a really big man and he kept winking at me.

"Because of how my first marriage fell apart, I didn't know whether I could trust him, and assumed he probably had a wife at home.

"Then one of my friends told me Chris is a really lovely guy, and his wife passed away last year. That's when I changed my mind and decided to give him a chance.

"I think one of the reasons I have refused to marry him so many times, is because deep down I am scared things would change if we did get married.

"I can't wait to be his wife, I don't think it'll change our relationship much but I know he'll be happy he's finally made an honest woman of me."

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